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Old country propertyTo find out more about the relationship between Ecoease and the Environment read on to find out how we are always thinking of ways we can be more environmentally-friendly.  We make our product from PET plastic due to its warmth, safety and flexibility.  However, it is also 100% recyclable and is actually the most recycled plastic on the planet.  PET has received some bad press over the last few years. We agree that single-use plastic water bottles need to be reduced.  Yet PET which is designed for long-term use can actually help us to reduce our use of other natural resources like wood.  In addition, the glass panes in single-glazed windows are generally not recycled or re-used. They often get thrown into a skip instead, headed for landfill.

One of the hopes behind Ecoease was for heritage and character windows. We wanted to help to preserve a bit of history. We could help to stop beautiful windows from being ripped out and replaced with uPVC versions.  Secondary glazing can help to improve thermal insulation and reduce condensation and mould building up on the windows – all of which help to preserve the original window.  Moreover, as it is removable glazing it can usually be used on listed property glazing without planning permission.  In the summer, you can remove your Ecoease glazing panels and enjoy your original windows. Although thankfully our glazing is quite discreet when in place!

We continue to work towards a lower percentage of wastage in production and reduced travel distances with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.  To this end, we are proud to produce and distribute in the UK.

For more about Ecoease and the environment, please see our environment page.  Any questions, feel free to contact us!