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Benefits of Secondary Glazing from Ecoease

There are many benefits to be had from installing Ecoease secondary glazing in your home. The most significant is that secondary glazing will reduce your energy bills substantially. From the moment you place it on your windows it will reduce heat loss, providing effective thermal insulation. One big step towards a warmer, more eco-friendly home. It can also eliminate condensation and reduce noise pollution. Perfect for character properties and listed buildings, Ecoease magnetic secondary glazing needs no planning consent.

Find out more information on each of the benefits below.


This magnetic secondary glazing system is very easy to install, needing no tools and making no mess. It doesn’t require planning permission which makes it ideal for older or listed properties. It will second glaze your windows with a discreet magnetic panel that can be easily removed and will not change the beauty of your windows.

The foremost benefit for homeowners currently is that of thermal insulation.  If you have single glazed or inefficient double glazed windows the the heat you are generating could literally be going out of your windows. Ecoease provides a discreet second skin which traps a layer of static air between your cold glass pane and the warmer secondary double glazing panel. This barrier reduces heat loss through your windows, allowing you to heat your rooms more efficiently and economically. In addition to this you will get rid of cold spots for a more comfortable home environment. This thermal insulation benefit will result in a reduction in your heating bills which can be as high as 25%.

Another huge benefit of secondary glazing is getting rid of unsightly condensation. During the colder months many properties can suffer badly from condensation. Indeed windows can be dripping wet with it in the mornings. This can in turn damage window frames and dressings, causing unhealthy mould to form and often giving off an unpleasant damp smell. You can greatly reduce condensation and indeed in most cases completely eradicate it, with our secondary glazing system. The same static air protects the secondary glazing panel from cold air and the warmer PET panel doesn’t allow the moisture to form on it.

You can also benefit from acoustic insulation, reducing outside noise for a more peaceful living environment. This highly effective layer of trapped air also acts as a baffle against sound. Ecoease provides a PET glazing panel that is more efficient than another layer of glass. More flexible than glass and of a different thickness it effectively reduces sound resonance. 

Last but by no means least, these wonderfully effective DIY double glazing panes will help to reduce your carbon footprint. The components are all eco-friendly and you will use much less energy keeping your home warm.

All this at a fraction of the cost of double glazing. To find out the cost of secondary glazing your windows with our Measure to Fit system today click here.