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About Ecoease Secondary Magnetic Glazing

Ecoease is owned by Bappco Ltd. They are a small, British, family company based in Corby, Northamptonshire. Ecoease was established in 2010. Since that point it has become one of the most recognised forms of eco friendly secondary glazing. The secondary glazing creates warmer rooms and helps lower your bills. We are proud to offer the Ecoease secondary glazing system to help you improve your home, environment and quality of life.

An overview 

Ecoease uses double glazing principles with our unique PVC edged magnetic sealing system. This gives you cost effective acoustic and thermal insulation for your windows.

Condensation before and after Ecoease glazing panelThe benefits of secondary glazing are widely known:

  • Thermal insulation is greatly increased. This helps you to keep cold air out and ensure heat loss is reduced.
  • Lesser incidence of ‘cold spots’. Thus giving greater home living comfort.
  • Noises from outside can be greatly reduced. Giving you more peaceful home living.
  • Condensation problems are usually eliminated. This helps you to save time on morning mop-ups. It also prevents the growth of unhealthy mould and mildew on window frames and curtains.
  • Saves you money on heating costs.

See here for more technical information and how Ecoease works


Why Ecoease as opposed to other secondary glazing systems

There are many magnetic glazing systems available today. But they are by no means equal in terms of quality or components. You should choose Ecoease for the following reasons:

  • Unique edging system for a far superior finish. Opposed to the magnets sticking straight on to the sheet.
  • Ecoease secondary double glazing is the only secondary glazing system to supply PET clear plastic sheets. PET is the most recyclable plastic on the planet. All other parts are recyclable. We pride ourselves on producing an eco friendly glazing option.
  • PETg has high optical clarity. Beautifully clear and discreet.
  • Custom made & easy to fit. Our Measure to fit panes come fully made up for you with magnets already attached. This means you simply offer it up to your window.  No DIY skills or tools are needed.
  • Happy to make up the panels yourself? Ecoease is also offered on a DIY basis.
  • Fire Safety – PET is fire retardant with a class 1 Fire Rating. Unlike acrylic which is class 3. NASA testing photos compare the flammability of polycarbonate, PETg and Acrylic.
  • Lead time can be as quick as 7 – 10 working days.


If you want to read some success stories, have a look through our customer reviews.  


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