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Reduce condensation with Ecoease removable glazingReduce condensation with Ecoease

With Ecoease secondary glazing  you can greatly reduce  condensation. In fact most customers normally eliminate condensation completely. In feedback from customers, they are always amazed at the difference that our secondary glazing panels can make. From windows that are soaked with condensation, to dry, clear and clean windows with the glazing panels installed. As long as you have your air tight seal, we are more than happy to guarantee this. Condensation improvement with Ecoease

Condensation can contribute to major issues in homes such as dampness, mould, and wood rot. This is a problem that should  be addressed quickly. It is exaggerated by indoor humidity levels being too high.  Whether because of humans breathing out, pots boiling on the hob or drying clothes indoors.  Poorly-fitted original windows can also increase condensation.  However, the vast majority of condensation on windows occurs when moist heavy air comes into contact with the cold surface of the glass.

How Ecoease works

The Ecoease glazing panels form a pocket of static air between your original cold glazed window and the Ecoease PET sheet. This trapped airspace will act as a barrier to reduce the rate of heat loss or penetration of cold. That magic pocket of static air also keeps valuable heat in, saving you money on your heating bills!

Any humid air in contact with the secondary double glazed window meets an inherently warmer material in the PET glazing panel. This prevents the condensation from forming. You can usually eliminate condensation with Ecoease Secondary glazing. Draughts in your window frames can reduce its full effectiveness. Make sure you get the full benefit from your secondary glazing by draught-proofing your windows first. Ecoease is an ideal solution for listed buildings and character properties. Particularly where fitting new double glazing is not an option due to property regulations. The discreet glazing panel fits behind the older window and works to reduce condensation in your home. 

Don’t take our word for it….

Mar 14, 2018 Helen Evans, Milton Keynes on Ecoease Secondary Glazing:

After installing Ecoease magnetic glazing panels “I live in an old house with beautiful, Georgian, wooden sash windows. They are lovely but draughty and, in cold weather, dripping with condensation. I have just installed Ecoease secondary glazing to one window in my bedroom (which has 2 large windows). The second is waiting to go up. I wanted to see the difference. It was a cold night, so the window without secondary glazing was wet with condensation, but the one with secondary glazing had none. Absolutely dry and clear.

Amazing…I didn’t really think it could make that much difference, but it does! And no cold air coming in! Now that it has proved itself, I am going to order secondary glazing for downstairs. I hesitated as I thought it might be rather unsightly. But it isn’t at all. It is quite subtle, and hardly noticeable. Not like the clunky metal casing of some secondary glazing. This was my first winter in this house, and it was cold. Next winter I will be warm and snug, and my windows will not be further damaged by condensation. Thank you Ecoease.”

The science of condensation

ConvectionConvection: The movement of air circulation caused when warm air rises and cooling denser air falls. The convection process is reduced when a narrow airspace is put between the two air movements. The narrow airspace increases the drag between rising and falling air. The net result is that the air falling down the window is not cooled to the same extent, as it would be if it came in direct contact with the cold external glass.

Reduce condensationCondensation: Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. As the falling warm air in a room cools, a dew point can be reached. This will result in the water vapour condensing into water droplets and forming on cold surfaces such as glass. This is commonly known as condensation.


Conduction: The process by which heat is directly transmitted through a material when there is a difference of temperature. Glass is a very good conductor of heat and hence when it is cold outside, the glass itself is cold. Ecoease also forms a barrier between this cold surface and the falling air stopping the condensation from forming.

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