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Environmentally-friendly Ecoease glazingEnvironmental benefits of Ecoease removable secondary glazing

Secondary glazing that keeps your home green

Providing an environmentally-friendly product is important to us at Ecoease, as we are all responsible for the world in which we live.  Consequently Ecoease removable secondary glazing was designed to offer a long-term, sustainable solution, which is 100% recyclable. The PET panels contain only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules – no Bisphenol A, no ozone-depleting materials and no acid-rain causing ingredients.

PET removable secondary glazing panels

PET is classified worldwide as a food-contact safe material. It is also the most recycled plastic material in the world today! In 2018, a naturally-occurring enzyme was discovered and subsequently scientists found a way to speed up the enzyme efficiency, breaking down PET in a matter of days. Scientists believe this enzyme can be safely recreated and modified to speed up the breakdown process further. In the end, this could be a huge step to resolving a lot of the waste already created by plastic bottle use, for example.

Focusing on environmentally-friendly materials

All Ecoease secondary glazing components are sourced within the UK.  The PET for the glazing panels is sourced from Ireland, with only 611 miles to travel to our manufacturing location in the UK. In addition, materials are carefully optimised to ensure minimum wastage, with a target limit of 5% materials waste in production.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Ecoease helps to reduce energy loss, reducing your carbon footprint. As the energy capacity in the UK drops, it is up to each of us to choose options for our homes which save energy and promote energy efficiency. Ecoease can provide an excellent green option for conserving energy and encourages the maintenance (not replacement) of current windows. This in turn helps to reduce waste from windows that can’t be recycled or re-used.

Improve the efficiency of your home

The energy efficiency of your home can affect selling and renting your home, as Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) compare the current energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of your home. Ecoease removable secondary glazing can actually help to increase ratings for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

Protect our heritage windows

The Ecoease panels can also help to preserve our heritage. By using them in listed or character properties, they can help to sustain the original window which may be hundreds of years old.  With the right care and attention they may last for hundreds of years more.

In summary, Ecoease secondary glazing is focused on providing an eco-friendly product, from production through to delivery.

Mr Stringer said:

“Fantastic customer service. I wasn’t sure what an exact rectangular secondary pane would look like against the wonky juxtaposed walls of my old barn conversion, so I thought I would try this out first on a window that is a little tucked away (and that I never open). I got the measure to fit option (white), but in the hectic run up to Christmas I gave measurements for the wrong window! It all got sorted in the end: the staff were really, really friendly, accommodating and helpful. You’re definitely not just an account number but a real person they care about. It’s too early to say whether there is any improvement in insulation but I can say that this glazing looks very neat and unobtrusive, and fitting was easy, despite the window being in an awkward cubby hole. I shall be ordering more.”

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