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Secondary Glazing – is it the right choice for you?

Keep warm with Secondary GlazingWill it benefit your home?

Does your house feel cold? Despite modern heating, you can still be losing a lot of heat through your single-glazed, or old double glazed, windows. 

Secondary glazing can be an excellent solution! It can help to stop heat and energy being lost through poorly fitted window panes.  Perhaps you are not permitted to add double glazing as is often the case with listed buildings. Also, it might just not be within your budget at the moment to replace your windows.  Not only are there a variety of materials with which you can improve your window insulation, there are also a variety of methods and you can choose the best fit for your home and your budget.

What is secondary glazing?

Defined as ‘insulation by means of a second pane of glass, or a sheet of plastic: a simple form of double glazing.’ 

What types of secondary glazing are there?

You can improve the insulation in your home with various types of secondary glazing.  There is glazing with a metal casing, where a metal frame is fixed to your existing window frame with a pane of glass within. Then there are wooden or PVC frames holding a glass pane.  Finally you have magnetic secondary glazing. In this case you have strong magnetic tapes which hold a pane of high performance plastic against your existing window frame. 

Thermal insulation

With secondary glazing alone, you can improve thermal insulation by 63% which is more efficient than double glazing at 61%. This is a direct reduction of heat loss through your windows, meaning you can have warmer rooms and save money on your heating bills.

 Acoustic insulation

 The gap between the added pane and your glass can also make a big reduction in noise transmission. This empty space acts as an effective sound baffle and, as a general rule, the bigger the gap, the more noise is reduced.

 Why choose Ecoease magnetic secondary glazing?

Ecoease uses a PET panel instead of glass. This is a warm material and is excellent at reducing heat loss through your windows. This warmer panel creates a pocket of static air between it and your cold glass window pane. This barrier greatly reduces heat loss but also condensation and all of the associated issues.  PET has high optical clarity and unlike many plastics is extremely fire-retardant.  Finally, PET is a very affordable material. This means that even if your budget isn’t huge, you can still improve the warmth of your home even if just one window at a time. This system gives you all of the benefits of secondary glazing at a fraction of the cost.

Our magnetic secondary glazing is also very easy to fit. It requires no specialist tools and creates no mess. Simply attached to your window frames magnetically, you do not need to alter the framework of your windows at all. You also don’t need costly installers – it is super easy to fit yourself in minutes!


In summary, secondary glazing can:

  • Reduce heat loss through your windows
  • Reduce or even eliminate condensation
  • Reduce external noises

See our Measure to Fit page to enter your window frame sizes and see prices instantly. Or get in touch to find out more!