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How to measure for Ecoease secondary glazing panels

Follow this step by step measuring advice for perfect fitting Ecoease secondary glazing. The panels fit on the window frame, so take your measurements from the outside edges of this frame.

Measuring your window frames for secondary glazing

Please follow these 3 handy tips for measuring your windows.

  1. Use a metal tape measure that has metric measurements (that shows millimetres). Do not use a cloth tape as this can be inaccurate. 
  2. Not all windows are ‘square’ or ‘straight’ so measure both the width and height in two or three places, giving us the smaller of these measurements. 

Measuring your windows for secondary glazing

3.  Give names to the window(s) 
you are about to measure. e.g.
Kitchen window 1: 1200 mm x 398 mm – this helps you when it comes to fitting the windows and prevents re-measurement.

To check that Ecoease Secondary Glazing is compatible with your windows you need to look for two things:

Firstly as the secondary glazing panels are flat, you need a flat area ideally no less than 18mm wide all around to fix the secondary glazing to. This 18mm is the width of our edging strips including an allowance for the corner pieces. It is possible to get away with less (as small as 12mm – the width of the tapes) if we know in advance and can make small adjustments in our assembly process.

Secondly that you have no obstructions ie. handles or locks etc that will protrude into this area and foul this flat sheet. NB Ecoease glazing is made of PET which is flexible, so if a handle or lock is a couple of millimetres over the window frame this will still work OK.

If these two criteria are met you can enjoy the many benefits that Ecoease has to offer!

The maximum recommended panel size is 2m x 1.2m, after which extra support for the tapes may be required. Fixing clips are also needed if the panel will not sit on your window cill.

Please speak to us on 01536 446398 for further help or advice or email us to We can even look at photos of your windows if you email them to us.

You can download our Easy Window Measuring form here to help you note down your window measurements.

You can also watch our instructional measuring video for a ‘How to Measure’ guide:

If you have any questions, please contact us!
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