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Save money with secondary glazing

Save energy with secondary glazing

There are many financial benefits you can receive from investing in Ecoease secondary glazing:

Save on your energy bills

  • It creates an effective barrier against cold air getting in. This will get rid of cold spots in rooms, allowing you to turn down your thermostat and still feel the benefit.
  • Secondary glazing housesLess heat is escaping through your windows. This means means you are using less energy to keep your home warm.
  • Less household energy usage = Lower fuel bills. As a result of the reduction in energy usage you can save up to 25% off your fuel bills.
  • Generally you can recover the initial outlay very quickly.
  • After that it’s just savings and a warmer home year after year.

No costly alterations

No costly alterations to existing windows or redecorating are required – you keep your current glazing which helps to reduce costs.  Moreover, it is the simplest and quickest fitting secondary glazing on the market; you can fit it yourself rather than incur expensive fitting fees.

Reduced outlay

The cost of Ecoease secondary glazing is very small in comparison to double glazing (approximately 15%). It is also much cheaper than permanent secondary glazing frames. 

    Save money with secondary glazing in the long-term

    Made of PET (which remains at room temperature) our windows eliminate almost all household condensation. As a result, this saves your windows from the destructive effects of moisture and your curtains and blinds from mould and staining. In addition this saves you money in the long-term. Moreover, our PET glazing is UV-stabilised to prevent deterioration in sunlight and is a product that is built to last, so that the savings go on and on.

    EPC ratings for your homeAdd value to your home

    Finally, Ecoease Secondary Glazing adds instant value to your home by increasing future ratings for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). These compare the current energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of your home, and are now compulsory for all properties being bought, sold or rented.

    Great product, clever design, looks good, very easy to fit and most important means I can now sit in comfort at my desk by a large poorly double glazed window. The whole room feels warmer and the radiators do not come on so often to keep a constant temperature. tha

    Paul Reynolds said:

    “My second order for this superb product. The first order ( about 3 years ) ago produced heat savings way above what I expected. I do have 12mm double glazing in the remaining windows and these are affected by condensation. The new units are to go over these. From past experience I am confident that the Eco-ease panels will not only cure that problem but also result in further savings on energy costs.”

    Mr Cook said (Dec 2010):

    “Had my last quarter gas bill today and was pleasantly surprised. Admittedly I changed my supplier last August, but my gas bill was half what it was for the same quarter last year. So I think quite a lot must be down to secondary glazing! I think I had already told you that it feels warmer. Anyway a good result for quite a small outlay.”


    How much does secondary glazing cost? Visit our shop to find out the cost of Ecoease secondary glazing for your windows or to order online!

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