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Secondary Glazing – the most cost-effective way to cut your energy bills


Secondary Glazing – the most cost-effective way to cut your energy bills

Secondary Glazing – Stay warm and cosy this winter


Costs up to 85% less than double glazing


Saves you up to 25% on your heating bills


100% recyclable PET glazing panels


No DIY skills or tools needed

Ecoease secondary glazing saves you money on home energy bills, virtually eliminates condensation and significantly reduces noise pollution. All this whilst helping you to keep the character of your windows.

Ecoease is a magnetic secondary glazing system that creates a pocket of air between your current glazing and a PET glazing panel. Together with this pocket of air, the Ecoease glazing panel reduces condensation, heat loss and external noises, improving your quality of life at a fraction of the cost of double glazing. Therefore there are many benefits from using Ecoease!

Our secondary glazing panels also offer an environmentally-friendly, long-term, sustainable solution, which is 100% recyclable, thus helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Moreover, if you have a character or listed property, Ecoease can help you to improve the warmth of your home and the care of your current windows.  Our magnetic glazing system creates a discreet, extra glazing pane which does not distract from the beauty of your original windows.

In summary, Ecoease is the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, flexible and easily installed answer to your secondary glazing needs. You can choose to order our Measure to Fit system which couldn't be easier. 

Simply give us the sizes of your windows, following our measuring tips. We will manufacture your magnetic glazing panels and deliver them to your door. You then easily attach them to your window frames. NO DIY skills or tools are required.

Find out the cost of Ecoease secondary glazing for your windows today!

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Reduce external noise

Your home may be up to 13dB quieter

Reduce condensation

Ecoease secondary glazing can even eliminate condensation


Reduce your carbon footprint with our 100% recyclable secondary glazing

Improve thermal insulation

Ecoease magnetic secondary glazing can make your home warmer and more efficient.

Client Testimonials

“We bought some panels for our bay window at the end of November last year. We thought we would fit the centre panels first and then measure for the side windows once we had seen the benefits. The three centre panels are completely condensation free! It just shows that it works! We have used Ecoease double glazing before and it’s been doing a good job in our bedroom for some four to five years.”

Susan Henchman

“I have just placed my second order for this superb product. The first order ( about 3 years ) ago produced heat savings way above what I expected. I do have 12mm double glazing in the remaining windows and these are affected by condensation. The new units are to go over these. From past experience I am confident that the Ecoease panels will not only cure that problem but also result in further savings on energy costs and road noise reduction.”

Paul Reynolds

“We have just ordered more secondary glazing as we are so pleased with our past purchases, no more condensation, and it softens the traffic noise – we are very cosy as we had our large bay window covered with it. The staff are very friendly and helpful. It is very easy to install, we highly recommend it.”

Mrs Thomas

Character Properties and Secondary Glazing

We are fortunate that many beautiful character properties can be found throughout the UK. In fact, 1 in 5 houses in the UK were built pre-1919, although many have been altered since. However for some, the windows in these lovely houses can cause issues such as mould...

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Ecoease Secondary Glazing and the Environment

Here at Ecoease, we are always thinking of ways we can be more environmentally-friendly.  Our product is made of PET plastic, for reasons of its warmth, safety and flexibility.  However, it is also 100% recyclable and is actually the most recycled plastic on the...

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