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FAQs for Ecoease secondary glazing

You can find the answers below to FAQs for Ecoease secondary glazing. If you can’t find the answer to your query below, please call or email and one of our customer advisors will be really happy to help you.

Here are some of the questions we often get asked…

What is your current lead time?

Our current lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks. If you need it quicker let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Do your prices include VAT?

The prices on our website include VAT at the standard rate.

What is the cost of delivery?
Delivery for Ecoease Secondary Glazing is £30 including VAT to Mainland UK, excluding the Highlands and Islands.*

Postage for accessories e.g Tapes and glazing clips is £7.50 per pack.

*We can deliver to Highlands and Islands locations but an extra charge will often be applicable. We will advise you of this once we know the size and weight of your order. We only charge extra when our costs are higher for these areas.

How can Ecoease save you money?

There are many ways that the Ecoease secondary glazing system can save you money – click here for a comprehensive list.

Do you only deliver to mainland UK?

We can deliver to Highlands and Islands locations but an extra charge will often be applicable. When we know the size and weight of your order we will advise you of this . We only charge extra when our costs are higher for these areas.

How do I measure my windows for Ecoease glazing? Do I need to allow for the edging strips?

Follow our easy measuring guide to get the sizes you need overall. We will make any adjustments depending on the type of panel you require.

I only use inches, how do I convert this to millimetres?

With our easy to use converter. Simply type your size in inches and click ‘calculate’ – this will give you the size in millimetres. Use the calculator below to convert inches into millimetres.

Can I remove my Ecoease secondary glazing and replace it easily?
Yes, the panel is held on by a magnetic edging strip which has a thin white painted steel strip attached to it magnetically. The white steel strip is self-adhesive and this is what remains on your window frame when you remove the panels in summer. The panels can then be easily put back up onto the magnetic strips.
What is the width of the edging strip?
The edging strip is 18mm wide.
How thick is the clear PET?
It is 3mm thick.
What if I have dark stained wood window frames?

You would use our dark brown magnetic tape. This sticks straight onto the clear PET panel and shows through as a dark brown line. The opposing magnet on your window frame is also dark brown. The tape is 12mm wide ( ½ inch). Please see the fitting guide for more information.

I have handles on my windows which stick out over where the clear panel would sit. Can I still use your product?
Unfortunately not. It’s one problem we haven’t found an answer to………………yet.
How can I get rid of condensation?
Condensation is caused by warm humid air hitting a cold surface. It then reaches what is known as a dew point and the moisture in the air condenses onto the cold surface. PET is an inherently warm material and the warm air does not therefore reach the point where condensation is formed. It may be of interest to know that we originally developed this product to save energy costs, but now 60% of our sales are to prevent condensation.
Does Ecoease solve draughts?
Ecoease is not a draught-proofing product and, like any form of secondary glazing, works much better if you draught-proof your original windows first. The air tight seal between your original window and our panel is what makes it so effective.
What is the maximum recommended size for an Ecoease secondary glazing panel?
The maximum recommended size for an Ecoease panel is 2m x 1.2m. There are two factors to consider above this size. The weight of the sheet will make additional support necessary. This can be in the form of a batten to reduce the unsupported sizes or with glazing clips around the perimeter. The second factor is that the panel will want to expand and contract in the heat and cold. Above this size, as cold air hits it from the glass side and warm air hits it from the room, it cannot move enough as the magnets are holding it in place, and so the panel can creak. Depending on the room this might not be a problem but needs to be borne in mind.
How do I clean my Ecoease secondary glazing?

PET secondary glazing panels should be cleaned with either warm soapy water or a mild furniture polish (one that does not contain alcohol.) Always apply using a damp soft cloth, a microfibre one is perfect. Do not use anything that is abrasive to clean your panels and never use a dry cloth.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please call or email with any further questions and one of our customer advisors will be happy to assist you.

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