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Do you want to make your period property warmer this winter?

You’ve moved into a stylish period property with oak beams, a cottage garden, and an Aga. Which you are probably dreading using for the first time! You have a lounge with a beamed fireplace and are imagining cosy nights in front of an open fire reading a book with a glass of wine to hand. However, for the moment you breakfast outside on the patio gazing on your mature garden in the Autumn sun.

Then Winter comes….

You suddenly notice the attractive lattice windows are single glazed and they don’t shut properly! Also, if you stand near them you get cold spots so you might as well still be in your patio! You could look to replace the windows. However, your new home is a listed building so you can’t change them for thermally efficient double glazing. Anyway, the cost of doing so would probably mean taking out a second mortgage!

Is that the end of the cottage idyll? Not necessarily.

Single glazed windows are the biggest culprit for heat loss from a room. The heat literally going straight out of the window. So, what can you do? A simple and effective way of reducing heat loss, increasing thermal insulation and keeping the period style of your property, is to install secondary glazing. If you look at the table below Secondary Glazing can reduce heat loss by as much as 63%. This is more than the reduction in heat loss from installing double glazing.

Secondary Glazing sits inside your existing windows magnetically attached to the frames. It creates a static air space between it and the glass of the existing windows. Effectively you are creating an insulated air barrier that helps prevent heat escaping through your single glazed windows.

Let me introduce you to Ecoease!

Ecoease is a Secondary Glazing System that uses a magnetic seal to provide this static air gap. The clever part is the glazing material used is PET, an inherently warm plastic that has exceptional insulating properties. Not only can fitting Ecoease keep your rooms warm and save you money on your heating bills but it can also help reduce noises from outside and significantly reduce condensation!

The PET panel is held in place using magnetic tapes meaning no unsightly fixing holes. As the weather warms up you can simply remove the panels and store them, allowing you access to the windows until you need them again in the Autumn. One of the biggest advantages is that you can fit the panels yourself, no extra expense on tradesmen. Also, you don’t need any tools other than a tape measure to measure your windows. If you are unsure where to measure from and to, clear instructions are available or you can send us in a photo and we’ll be happy to take a look and give you specific advice.

Ecoease is a secondary Glazing System that is simple to buy online. You can buy the panels already made up (Measure to Fit) or buy the components and make them up yourself (DIY secondary glazing). It really is that easy!

So don’t forego your dream of living in a character home. Make your period property warmer this winter with this simple product.

Buy Ecoease magnetic secondary glazing at or call 01536 446398 to speak to one of our experts.