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As the winter days are drawing to an end, now is the time to get rid of the condensation that can be forming as the mornings are still cold and the house inside is a little warmer. 

If you live in an older property with single glazed, or inefficient double glazed, windows you will be seeing a lot of wetness on your windows and cills.  Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to replace them with new double glazing. You can, however, add inexpensive secondary glazing that will cure this problem. It will also be in place ready for the colder weather later in the year helping you to cut energy loss and those awful heating bills. 

Ecoease secondary glazing is a neat and discreet magnetic secondary glazing system at a fraction of the cost of new windows. Also, as it is to remove and doesn’t permanently change the make-up of your windows. This means you won’t need to redecorate, and you won’t need planning permission. 

By ridding your windows of condensation, you will also stop the formation of black mould which is unhealthy and can smell of damp. This can also damage the windows themselves and any curtains or blinds that come into contact with it.  

Ecoease creates an airtight seal between your cold glass window and the warmer PET glazing panel. This not only reduces heat loss and warms up your room, but also stops the formation of condensation as the room side glazing is now warmer.  

Additionally, you will not need to pay tradesmen or have any specialist tools. Ecoease is extremely easy to fit, simply fixed in place on your window frames with discreet magnetic tapes.  

So, say goodbye to condensation and hello to warmer, dryer, fresher smelling rooms. 

Don’t hesitate to call us on 01536 446398 if you need any advice on adding Ecoease secondary glazing to your windows.