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As Britons look set to brace themselves for another cold winter period there are ways to dramatically reduce spiralling domestic energy bills.

One such way of mitigating against rising gas and electricity bills is by installing secondary or third glazing, an option that can cost a tiny fraction of the cost of double glazing and a solution that can reduce quarter on quarter energy bills by upto 20%.

Eco-ease (, recently featured in the Sunday Telegraph and profiled on BBC Radio 2 with Simon Mayo, is one of the UK’s only dedicated suppliers of secondary (or third) glazing designed to insulate windows, one of the most energy inefficient areas of the home.

Eco-ease Director John Feely commented: “A growing number of UK households are recognising the areas within the home that offer the potential for conserving heat and windows are a major source of energy loss.

“An estimated 20% of heat gets lost through windows and Eco-ease’s “Measured 2 Fit” (M2F) secondary glazing panels are a simple and cost effective way of tackling this.

“Costing around 10% to 15% of double glazing, M2F secondary glazing as well as a DIY solution can be easily ordered online at and will be delivered within a few working days. The M2F solution is now also available through a number of partner retail sites including and,” added John.

All of Eco-ease’s customers feel the benefits of secondary glazing almost immediately with warmer homes, the elimination of annoying condensation and lower energy bills.

One of those customers, Richard Cook from Chislehurst, commented: “We used to have to wipe the windows every day but now they are dry. It cost £1100 to secondary glaze 14 windows, a fraction of what double glazing would have cost.”

For more details, case studies, instructional videos and factsheets please visit or call 01536 446398. Customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland can visit Eco-ease’s partner Easiglaze at