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01536 446398 is one of a growing number of “green” retail websites focused on satisfying an ever increasing demand from UK households for cost effective, energy efficient products and solutions.

With a clear ethos that supports a well established zeitgeist for ‘greening’ up our homes, one of the founders of, James Alcock, explained their thinking: “We want to help people save energy. That is our number one aim.

“As the company continues to grow, hopefully it will pay a large part in helping to reduce energy demand in the UK. Through our two core business streams, the energy saving shop and our consultancy, we speak to thousands of customers each month providing impartial advice that works for them.

“It also helps that we have an excellent team around us including our business partners who all share this common aim. It is great to know that by simply doing what we do, we also lower our clients’ carbon footprints.

“The only cost effective way to keep the lights on here in the UK will be massive energy saving schemes and we want to help lead those in the years to come!

“I personally think this is incredibly important and more action needs to be taken by governments concerning this,” added James who founded the site with business partner Nick Miles.

“Nick and I worked at IBM and were both working on energy clients at the time. It became apparent that energy efficiency and energy saving was going to be absolutely key to the UK moving forward as energy capacity drops.

James went on “We decided there was far more to life than sitting down plugging away at spreadsheets! We made the jump a couple of years ago to do TheGreenAge full time and we haven’t looked back since!” added James.

With major competitors such as, it’s imperative that James and Nick continually seek to incorporate the latest ‘green’ products and advice however they view the competition with a great deal of respect.

“Nigelsecostore does a great job. The energy saving sector in the UK is far bigger than any one company could tackle on their own so we are all working towards a common aim that will improve the quality of life for everybody. It’s about the bigger picture,” explained James.

As regards a typical customer profile, James is clear that times are changing: “It’s no longer the archetypal eco warrior kind of character who wants to improve the environmental efficiency of their home.

“We get all sorts of customers from all sorts of backgrounds such as those who are looking for a quick and simple thing to help with a certain problem area, such as chimney balloons, or folks looking to retrofit their home with a complete intelligent heating system. We are not picky. We want to help everyone!”

The vast range of products sold by covers a myriad applications, all aimed at making home life more environmentally friendly.

“We sell a lot of Ecoease, our magnetic secondary glazing solution especially during the winter months. Our Infrared heating panels also always sell well especially during colder spells and the sheep wool insulation also proves really popular. It’s a premium product but lovely to work with compared to that mineral wool!

“Ecoease secondary glazing is a made to measure product that works really in combating condensation, lowering noise and helping heat retention. At a fraction of the cost of double glazing and even permanent secondary glazing this is an absolute winner.

“When people call us we always tell them to order one to test. Ninety nine per cent of the time they return a couple of weeks later to order the rest. Our one tip when ordering is to measure to the very extremes of the internal window frame so the panel covers the entire frame. You can barely notice it!

“The Infrared heating is relatively new to the UK, although has been popular in Germany and Austria for decades. Unlike a radiator or storage heater that heat the air via convection heating, these panels get warm in about a minute and then start emitting infrared. This infrared travels unimpeded through the air until it hits solid objects which absorb and warm up. It is a really effective form of space heating and we are seeing more and more people replace their old storage heaters in their home with these infrared heaters.

“As for our sheep wool insulation, imported from Ireland, it is a little known fact that only white sheep wool is normally used in clothing. It gets bleached and then dyed to the appropriate colour. This means that darker wool is rarely used so we now use it to insulate peoples’ homes!

“The wool is first treated to stop rodents and insects making it their homes and then it is good to go. It is an absolute doddle to work with too. Gone are the days of itchy insulation!” added James.

As for the future, James is positive and upbeat: “I think the UK is becoming greener. I know there is opposition but we are seeing more and more renewables being installed. Over half a million homes have solar PV installed on the roof and it was announced recently that wind power provided more electricity to the UK over a 24 hour period than our nuclear power plants. That is some feat when you think about it!

“People are becoming far more aware of the cost of energy so they are taking the necessary steps to limit the impact on themselves, be that through insulation, new heating systems or low energy lighting.

“The majority of things we talk about and sell through our site are very easy to implement and will make genuine energy savings. Being from a financial background, we feel the energy saving part is very important to people, but obviously in doing this we are also lowering carbon footprints along the way which is a really nice by product for any business!” concluded James.

Maybe, just maybe, UK households really are entering The Green Age!

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