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From howling cats to severe condensation, Northants pensioner Jean McDonald had more than a few issues with her double glazed windows!

This affable Scottish lady has now become a convert and a firm adherent of the benefits of third glazing, a cheap yet highly effective solution to triple glazing that really is a perfect fit for the austere times in which we live and a perfect supplement to existing double glazed windows.

“It makes so much sense,” exclaimed Jean “and I can’t believe that more people don’t know about it especially given the cost and the kind of winters we will now be facing on a regular basis.

“It’s cost £575 to third glaze all of the windows in my house and you notice the difference so much especially when you come downstairs in the morning. It’s warmer, more comfortable and I’m not turning up the heating quite as high despite the bitterly cold December we’ve just experienced.

“On top of that there’s virtually no noise from the busy road outside my house and no more howling cats! The condensation problems have gone too,” added Jean who found out about Ecoease secondary glazing from her brother Roger who lives nearby.

Roger took up the story: “I read about Ecoease in a national newspaper and did a bit of research. Their clear plastic panes seemed to be the most cost effective solution around, very flexible and easy to adapt to the windows in my house.

“When Jean complained about the cold I suggested she install third glazing on the inside of her existing double glazing. That was a few months ago and neither of us have looked back since.

“At a time when we are all trying to watch the pennies yet seeing fuel bills rise everywhere this is an easy system that you can install in minutes and I bet I’ll have saved the outlay on my gas and electricity bills within a year!” added Roger.

Jean chipped in “Another big advantage is they can be removed! When we finally get some warm weather I can take them down easily and store them somewhere safe but they’ll be up for a few months yet if the weather forecasters are to be believed!”

Ecoease secondary (or third!) glazing is manufactured from high impact, fire retardant PET, and costs around £50 per square metre. It’s easily attached using a magnetic strip and delivers a U-value of 2.7 which is better than most double glazing systems.

Ecoease said “We lose up to 30% of our heat through windows so another layer of insulation, be that secondary or third glazing, can really bring down energy bills by an equivalent amount.

“It’s a great fit for owners of listed properties who are unable to install double glazing and an easy and unashamedly cheap option for people like Roger and Jean. They’d be paying between ten and twelve times as much to install a triple glazing system,”

A third level of glazing on the inside of existing double glazing is now being actively encouraged by government initiatives such as the Code for Sustainable Homes and makes perfect sense as our climate seemingly veers more towards colder winters.

With annoying moggies and cold rooms a thing of the past, it seems you’ll find few stronger enthusiasts for this incredibly simple system than Jean and Roger!

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