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It’s not just rising fuel bills and freezing temperatures that are annoying British households as another bitter winter bites.

Millions of homeowners wake up daily to the problem of condensation on the inside of their glazing which not only requires mopping up but can also cause long term damage to window frames and sills.

Condensation is caused when warm air on the inside of a property comes into contact with a cold and non absorbent surface such as a window in winter. Air, which contains water vapour, sees its capacity to hold moisture reduced when it makes contact with a colder surface and condensation forms as a result.

It will almost always be an issue within single glazed properties and for many with double glazing. A highly cost effective solution, and a perfect way of ensuring heat retention, is secondary glazing with a number of UK suppliers offering a myriad of different systems.

Arguably the cheapest, safest and most easily self installable system is provided by, a business that launched in the autumn and is already proving a big hit with hundreds of customers with their cut-to-size magnetic PET plastic secondary glazing windows priced at around 7.5% of the cost of double glazing.

From those living in listed properties unable to double glaze to people wanting to ‘green’ up their homes, the reasons for purchasing secondary glazing are many and varied but condensation is a major factor for many according to one customer, Richard Cook from Kent: “We used to spend ages mopping up the condensation and it wasn’t a nice job to be starting the day off with.

“Since installing ecoease secondary glazing that’s a thing of the past and the rooms are so much warmer. I’d recommend self installed secondary glazing to anyone. We’re looking forward to a much warmer winter than last year!” added Richard.

Because of its high impact resistance, sheets of PET are commonly used within aircraft windows. It is also the most recycled plastic on the planet. It is fire resistant to Class 1 and considerably tougher than existing secondary glazing solutions.

Costing from just £48 per square metre, ecoease secondary glazing can be ordered online in three simple steps or by phone on 01536 446398 and will be delivered direct to your door with fitting instructions within 10-14 days.

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