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Snowy day in EnglandWith the hype of snow and ice at Christmas time, we can often forget that January and February are actually our coldest months in the UK.  More often than not, any snow we receive falls during these two months before warming up in March.  You may have noticed over the weekend that your house feels colder and perhaps you are seeing more condensation.

If you have single glazing, a cold snap can really highlight the lack of insulation this type of window provides.  Perhaps you are on a tight budget and can’t stretch to double glazing, or perhaps your windows are listed and therefore you can’t make any permanent changes to them.  Either way, Ecoease is designed to help! For a fraction of the cost of double glazing, Ecoease can increase your house’s insulation and reduce your energy bills – always welcome news at this time of year. Moreover, because our magnetic glazing panels can be removed during the summer, the glazing is classed as temporary and can therefore be used on listed or heritage properties without planning permission.

To find out more about the benefits of Ecoease and how we can help to warm up your house, take a look at our Thermal insulation information.  If you’d like to find out prices for your windows, measure the height and width and enter them on our Measure to Fit page for an instant price.

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