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Why should you spend less on secondary glazing? I have a friend who recently replaced all the windows in her home. She told me it‘s made a huge difference to the warmth inside her house, and to the amount of outside noise she hears. Most importantly, and the main reason she spent such an eye watering amount, is that she will now be saving on her heating bills. This means she can start to pay back the cost of the new windows.

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Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend such an amount on our home. In addition, for those renting, why spend so much money when the person to really benefit would be the landlord?

So, what can we do to warm our homes and cut our heating bills without breaking the bank?

The answer is secondary glazing. Secondary Glazing comes in many forms but essentially all types provide another layer of protection which sits inside your existing windows. There are many different types of secondary glazing. It can come with an aluminium frame with panels that slide horizontally so you can open them like a window. Or, in the case of Ecoease, you can magnetically attach it.

Some secondary glazing has an aluminium frame glazed with acrylic (or even glass) and this glazing can vary in price from quite a lot to a hell of a lot! Some examples of this type of secondary glazing can almost cost as much as new windows! Also, you need to bear in mind any planning restrictions there may be on these more permanent solutions. This is especially true if you have a listed property.

There is however, another type of secondary glazing which is as thermally efficient but much, much cheaper. Ecoease, is a unique system that has an easily removable magnetic construction with neat edging around a PET glazing sheet. This means you can remove and safely store the panel during the summer months. Fitting is very easy and you won’t have to screw into your frames leaving messy holes if you remove it. As it is removable and doesn’t cause permanent changes to your windows, you will not need permissions, even in listed properties.

Ecoease panels have PET as their glazing, unlike standard secondary glazing, which tends to use acrylic. PET is a warm plastic meaning it is excellent in reducing heat transfer between the cold windows and your room. This makes PET an excellent insulator giving high thermal efficiency. According to research Ecoease can reduce heat loss by as much as 63% when compared to uncovered single glazed windows. Ecoease is also highly flame retardant unlike Acrylic which is extremely flammable.

Ecoease is easy to buy! Ideally you will buy it cut to size and fully made up (measure to fit) which means it can be installed in minutes. Alternatively you can buy the cut to size sheets and necessary components and make the panels up yourself (DIY). Measuring up your windows is simple and there is a measuring tool on the site.

So, what are you waiting for? A little money spent will be a lot of money saved and in the current cost of living squeeze who can afford to ignore that?

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