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Mast people who have single glazed sash windows in their home understand how ineffective they can be in keeping the warmth in and the cold out. With the staggeringly high cost of heating our homes, the last thing anyone wants is to see that heat escape though their windows.

While you can replace sash windows for more modern, efficient ones this is very costly. Indeed in many properties it is not an option because of local planning restrictions. Luckily you can have a low cost, highly efficient solution to this heat loss problem.

How to stop heat loss through your single glazed sash windows

Installing Ecoease secondary double glazing is a proven way for you to reduce heat loss through your windows. This is at a fraction of the price of double glazing. You can lose up to 48% of heat through your windows in a fully insulated home. Ecoease works by creating a sealed layer of static air between the window and the Ecoease panel. The panel is made of PET a high performance transparent plastic. This PET sheet has excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

Secondary Glazing - Window Panel

You fit the PET panel onto the inside of your existing window frame. Thus creating a layer of air between that and the existing window. This trapped airspace will help you to prevent heat loss from your home out of your sash windows.

You don’t need Planning permission

You magnetically attach Ecoease DIY double glazing and as a result it needs no planning permission. This makes it a perfect secondary double glazing solution for sash windows in listed buildings or character properties.

Ecoease secondary glazing is available in ‘Measure to fit’ or for even more savings DIY options are available. With Measure to fit you simply give us your sizes and we deliver the fully assembled panels direct to your door. Simply attach to your window frames and watch the heat rise and the heating bills fall.

Ecoease secondary glazing can be ordered online at in a few simple steps. Alternatively call us on 01536 446398. We will be very happy to give you any help and advice that you need.