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Secondary glazing could well be the perfect remedy for UK households buffeted by ever rising energy bills and the cost of living. With five of the big six energy suppliers already announcing big price hikes for what looks like another freezing winter ahead, the need to make savings becomes even more imperative with secondary glazing supplier proving a perfect fit.

Eco-ease Director John Feely commented: “Everybody is getting squeezed by the rise in the cost of electricity and gas and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in the short to medium term. Add to that the need for us all to make our homes ‘greener’ and it gives secondary glazing a clear advantage.

“Many households are discovering that a small outlay on secondary glazing, around 10% to 15% of the cost of double glazing, will pay itself back within a year to 18 months in terms of reduced fuel bills. I don’t know of any property improvement options that offer that kind of return on investment.

“Indeed some customers have even seen their like for like fuel bills halved after installing Eco-ease but the average is a 20% reduction based on our own questionnaires sent out to customers although issues such as minimising noise pollution and condensation are just as important considerations for many.

“Eco-ease has just launched a new revamped website that makes the process of insulating your home against the elements even easier than before with glazing that really can be installed in seconds without compromising the aesthetics of your home as well as simple DIY options for the more adventurous,” added John.

Eco-ease is the only UK firm to use polyester for its secondary glazing, a fully recyclable and fire retardent material used for aircraft windows and soft drinks bottles amongst other things. Acrylic and other plastic glazing solutions available in the UK simply do not offer the strength, benefits or safety of polyester.

The West Yorkshire based firm will shortly be launching a ‘Measure 2 Fit’ solution aimed at providing homeowners with a secondary glazing solution that can be installed and taken down in seconds.

For more details visit, call 01536 44698 or view Eco-ease’s Facebook page for news, videos and case studies from existing customers.