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With winter weather on the way Ecoease Secondary Glazing delivers clear benefits. Many UK homeowners are considering measures that reduce their energy bills and make their homes more environmentally friendly.

Secondary glazing systems remain a cost effective alternative for many households. The Ecoease magnetically attached panels, for instance, costing around 15% of a typical double glazing installation. Also there isn’t any disruption caused by installation or any detrimental impact on environmental performance.

As well as lower energy bills, Ecoease secondary glazing can all but eliminate issues such as condensation and sound pollution. You can install it easily in minutes. It’s also perfect for listed and period properties where double glazing is not an option due to conservation regulations.

Constructed from clear PET, Ecoease panels are the most fire retardant plastic secondary glazing available in the UK.
Paul Lemon from Guildford in Surrey is a recent convert to Ecoease having purchased DIY glazing panels. “We have a large expanse of window area in our holiday home. At night in the winter we could feel the cold so we considered secondary glazing. We found Ecoease on the web and got in touch.

“I fitted it myself. All I needed was a small hack saw. Since fitting, we have noticed a big difference in the room temperature. Also the amount of heating required and the level of comfort within the room. I

Southampton-based Julian Worskett similarly enthused. “We opted for secondary glazing in order to reduce fuel bills and keep our 16th Century house warmer without replacing the windows

would recommend it to anybody,” added Paul.

Southampton-based Julian Worskett is similarly enthused: “We opted for secondary glazing to reduce fuel bills and keep our 16th Century house warmer without replacing the windows.

“The house is draft free and it certainly improves sound insulation. We fully expect to see lower fuel bills later this year,” added Julian.

Ecoease secondary  Glazing delivers clear benefits with its in DIY and M2F (Measured 2 Fit) versions. Get prices through or by calling 01536 446398.

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