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Reduce noises with Ecoease secondary glazingToday over 80% of us live in urban areas in the UK, providing convenience and good facilities but also lots of noise.  Noises from traffic, shouting, businesses loading and unloading, shops opening up etc. can actually have a detrimental effect on your quality of life.  Sounds like this can bombard the brain, and an inability to switch off the noise can lead to hearing loss, anxiety and even cardiovascular problems: One in five Europeans is regularly exposed to sound levels at night that could significantly damage health.*

There are many options for reducing the amount of sound coming through your windows.  Specialist sound-proofing glass can do an excellent job, as can double glazing, if your windows are single-glazed.  Both of these include a gap between the panes which varies in size – the larger the gap, the more sound is muffled, in general.  However, both options are fairly pricey and require invasive work in your home.

Another option is Ecoease Secondary Glazing.  As this fixes onto your existing window frame, it can provide quite a large gap between the existing glass and our PET glazing panel, depending on the window.  From single glazing, adding Ecoease can produce a 13dB reduction in noise, which to the human ear sounds like a halving of noise.  Moreover, no invasive work or expensive fitters are required – you can put up your Ecoease glazing panels all by yourself, in minutes!

Ecoease is also more affordable, around 15% of the cost of double glazing or soundproofing glazing.

Why not look into making your home quieter today?  Find out more about noise reduction or check our prices and ordering details easily and quickly.

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