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With many experts predicting one of the coldest winters on record the need to insulate homes against draughts and heat loss becomes even more of a priority for UK households.

One of the quickest, cheapest and most environmentally effective ways of increasing domestic energy efficiency is by installing secondary or third glazing panels to the inside of window frames such as those supplied by Ecoease.

Ecoease Director John Feely commented: “This is the time of the year when we are most busy as homeowners and tenants attempt to ‘winter’ proof their homes against both draughts and spiralling energy bills.

“Measured to fit, Ecoease secondary glazing panels, manufactured from tough, fire-retardant PET are easily attached in minutes to the inside window frame using magnetic tape and come in at around 15% of the cost of double or triple glazing installation.

“Windows and glazed doors are responsible for around 20% of total heat loss for a typical dwelling with secondary or third glazing providing an effective insulation against chills as well as delivering dramatic reductions in quarterly gas and electricity bills.

“Customers have differing reasons for ordering secondary glazing. Around 60% want to reduce energy bills and improve environmental efficiency with the remainder split between wanting to reduce and mitigate condensation and noise pollution.

“Around half of our customers reside in period or Listed properties which have stringent regulations as regards window replacements and improvements.

“With landlords now legally obliged to ensure energy efficiency for their tenants, we are seeing a growing number contact us, recognising how a very small investment can deliver such a wide array of benefits. It’s a case of no pane, no gain and is a no brainer when it comes keeping out the winter chills,” added John

Sheila Peters from Hampshire is a recent convert: “I was browsing the internet to find out more about what was available by way of secondary double glazing. The simplicity of the Ecoease system appealed immediately.

“I was looking at draught proofing areas of my home which has large Crittall windows. I like the windows but not the draughts in some rooms!

“We trialled it with one window and further orders followed. It was so easy to install! I now no longer need heavy curtains in my living room and the orchids are thriving on the windowsills!

“I’m now looking at getting the remainder of the windows done. This is a product that makes sense on so many levels!” she concluded.

Ecoease secondary glazing is available in DIY and M2F (Measured 2 Fit) versions through and a number of reseller websites, such as and, or by calling 01536 446398.

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