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With all six of the big energy suppliers already announcing price hikes, UK households are looking for more and more ways of reducing their energy consumption and bills.

Secondary glazing, a low cost and flexible alternative to double glazing, offers the perfect way for homeowners to reduce energy loss in a time of austerity and combat a winter that has already been one of the harshest on record.

Ecoease has seen demand for their easily self-installed magnetic secondary glazing increase dramatically since the pre-Christmas cold snap with hundreds of consumers feeling the benefits of a solution that costs a tiny fraction of double glazing.

“It’s an obvious solution and, for little outlay, offers a very swift return on investment,” explaned Ecoease . “We are getting a very positive message from all of our customers that secondary glazing not only leads directly to reductions in fuel bills but also almost eliminates condensation and noise pollution.

“We are finding that customers are testing the system out on a few windows in their homes and then returning again and again to complete the job. It’s just common sense and is a perfect answer for owners of listed buildings where building regulations don’t generally allow for the installation of double glazing,”

June Dumelow from Leicestershire is already experiencing the benefits: “I’ve returned again and again to Ecoease to complete all of the windows in my house and now many of my friends and neighbours have placed orders.

“As an elderly person I wanted a system that could be simply put up without much effort or any technical knowledge and one that offered immediate benefits. Ecoease definitely ticks my boxes!” added June.

A spokeman from Ecoease explaned  “The typical home can lose over 20% of its heat through windows butthis is wastage that can be easily mitigated through secondary glazing without having to spend the earth on double glazing.”

The typical window may cost around £50 to £60 to secondary glaze and can be installed in minutes and subsequently taken down and stored when not required. The clear PET plastic panels attach to the window frame using an adhesive magnetic strip and are an unobtrusive and barely noticeable addition to any window area.

“We are the only UK supplier of PET secondary glazing, a high impact and fire retardant plastic that is frequently used for applications such as containers for hazardous chemicals and aircraft windows. It is glass clear and very eco friendly as it is the most recycled plastic on the planet.”

Ecoease secondary glazing costs just £48 per square metre for the PET sheet and £4 per metre for the magnetic edging strip including VAT and delivery.

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