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With experts predicting snow in many parts of the UK from October onwards, the chilling prospect of another recession and all of the six big energy suppliers hiking up energy bills it looks like the next few months will be a real trudge for many British households.

Eco-ease secondary glazing is one sure fire way of easing the pain with many reporting up to a 50% reduction in their like-for-like energy bills based on feedbacxk from 50 customers in March 2010.

John Feeley, Director of Eco-ease, commented: “It looks like it’s all doom and gloom at the moment but installing easy-to-fit secondary, or indeed will help households save on their energy bills over the coming months for very little outlay.

“The average home cost about £750 to secondary glaze whereas you’d be looking at around ten times that to install double glazing which delivers the same environmental performance in many cases and it stops cold spots in a house making it more comfortable whilst being cheaper to heat.

“The impending cold weather will also see many mopping up the morning condensation but Eco-ease secondary glazing, easily attached to the inside of window frames using a magnetic strip, almost eliminates this annoyance as well as significantly reducing noise pollution.

“Our ‘Made 2 Fit’ solution means that no DIY skills are required at all to install the glazing panels and customers can immediately experience the warming benefits of an extra layer of insulation this winter,” added John.

One of Eco-ease’s customers, Jean McDonald from Northamptonshire commented: “It’s cost £575 to third glaze all of the windows in my house and you notice the difference so much especially when you come downstairs in the morning. It’s warmer, more comfortable and last winter I wasn’t turning up the heating quite as high. I’m sure it will be the same this year.

“On top of that there’s virtually no noise from the busy road outside my house and no more howling cats! The condensation problems have gone too,” added Jean who found out about Eco-ease secondary glazing from her brother Roger who lives nearby.

Another happy customer, Peter Hey from near Clitheroe in Lancashire, added: “We decided to get all of our 17 windows done, all different sizes and the total cost came in at under £500! It would have cost us that to get just one window double glazed!

“We now suffer from no condensation and the sound from traffic passing through the village has all but disappeared but most importantly we now rarely put heating on because we don’t need to. Our energy bills have fallen dramatically!” added Peter.