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With landlords now legally obliged to ensure the environmental efficiency of their rented out properties, a growing number are considering cost effective alternatives such as secondary glazing.

With secondary glazing costing around 15% of the typical cost of double glazing, involving no disruption to the tenant whatsoever and delivering reduced energy bills, noise pollution and condensation it’s easy to see why this flexible form of insulation is proving so popular.

Ecoease, a secondary glazing suppler established in 2010, is just one of a number of businesses seeing more and more enquiries from landlords and tenants.

Landlord Andrew Spires from Manchester is a recent convert. He explained “It can be installed in minutes and taken down in seconds and dramatically improves levels of warmth and comfort for tenants at a fraction of the cost of incorporating double or triple glazing.

“We have legal obligation to ensure our properties are energy efficient and well insulated. Installing secondary glazing is one of a number of measures we can apply to address the issue.

“It’s a no brainer. Research suggests secondary glazing, manufactured from PET (polyester) for example delivers an environmental performance that often exceeds traditional double glazing,” added Andrew.

Tenants are also increasingly taking matters into their own hands as Kyle Gellatly, who rents a flat in Dorking, explained: “I had a major issue with noise from the main road outside and decided to install secondary glazing as a way of reducing it.

“Due to the flat being part of a listed 17th Century property, double glazing was simply not an option with restrictions on improvement.

“Now the noise is far less of an issue. You don’t feel like you’re outside when you’re inside! The room is also a lot warmer without any need to turn up the tthermostat.

“I’ve recommended secondary glazing to friends and family and, now I’m aware of it, I’m sure I will be ordering more in the future,” added Kyle.

John Feely of Ecoease echoed Kyle’s sentiments: “UK landlords have a lot of aspects to consider when renting out their properties and, from 2016, any tenant asking for permission to make reasonable energy efficiency improvements cannot be refused.

“You can’t get much more reasonable than secondary glazing, arguably the most cost effective way of insulating windows against heat loss and draughts.

“An average UK window would cost around £100 to secondary glaze. When you consider around 15 to 20% of heat escapes through windows then it makes perfect sense,” added John.

Manufactured from fire retardant PET, the same material used for aircraft windows and soft drinks bottles, the glazing panels are easily attached to the inside of the window frame using a strong magnetic tape.

A typical secondary glazing installation might take 5 minutes whereas double glazing can take hours, cause disruption and cost considerably more. Available in DIY and Measured to fit (M2F) variations, Ecoease secondary glazing can be ordered from and a host of ‘green’ retail sites such as and

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