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Secondary Glazing tapes for white windows – Assembly & fitting advice

The following gives help and advice on the assembly and fitting of Secondary Glazing tapes for white window frames. 

Each glazing sheet is protected on both surfaces by a self-adhesive film. Leave these protective films in place until you are ready to fit the panel. This will protect the sheet surface from scratches as you handle it.

There are two types of tape. The first is a foam backed magnetic tape with a brown surface. The other is a foam backed steel tape, this has a white surface. You can easily cut both tapes with scissors or a craft knife. The adhesive sides of the tapes are covered by removable films.

Assembly of the secondary glazing panel

  1. First check that the glazing sheet is the correct size by offering it up to your window. 
  2. Secondly peel back the 4 edges of the surface protection film by 5 cm on one side of the sheet. 
  3. Next cut four lengths of the foam backed magnetic tape (the brown one) to the lengths of the sides of the panels. Removing the film backing on the tape as you go, fit this to the outer edge of the sheet. You need to ensure there is a continuous strip of tape around the edge of the sheet. Cut the tape squarely and butt the edges up to each other. Do not overlap the tape as you need a uniform thickness to give a good seal to the window frame.
  4. Finally, cut four pieces of the steel tape (the white one) to match the strips on the sheet. Place these on top of the magnetic tapes so that they are held together by magnetic attraction.

Installing the secondary glazing panel

  1. Firstly, clean the surface around the window frame that you will be sticking the magnetic tape to. Use methylated spirits or a similar degreaser.
  2. Now slowly remove the surface protection film from the side of the sheet with the tapes. If you do it quickly it creates static and dust will fly to it. Then remove the adhesive film backing from the steel tape.
  3. Next line up the panel against your frame. Use supports if necessary or better still get an extra pair of hands!
  4. When you have the panel exactly where you want it, apply light pressure to stick it to your window frame. Now run around the edge applying as much pressure as possible. You can do this easily with your fingers – or use a narrow wallpaper roller.
  5. Finally remove the surface protection film from the outside of the sheet. Again we advise that you do this slowly to minimise any static electricity.

If you do create static and dust, clean the surface using a furniture polish such as Pledge or similar. Wipe this with a SOFT DAMP cloth – microfibre is ideal. The polish will remove the static. The the damp, non-abrasive cloth will get rid of the dust. Do NOT use a dry cloth on it’s own. NEVER use anything with an abrasive in it to clean your PET panels.

If you wish you can paint the steel tape on your frame to match to the colour of your paintwork.  You can do this with any non oil based paint. 

If you have any further questions regarding the assembly and fitting of Secondary Glazing tapes for white window frames please feel free to contact us. Alternatively call us on 01536 446398.

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