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A recently launched British-based website has become the first to supply a revolutionary solution in secondary glazing with PET – the material used in aircraft windows! has been set up as a dedicated, one stop solution for homeowners looking to avoid costly double glazing solutions and reduce their fuel bills by up to 25% and it involves easily self installed PET eco secondary glazing at about 10% of the cost of double glazing!

An ecoease director who has over two decades of experience within glazing and plastics, explained: “We saw one of our coldest winters for decades last year and secondary glazing therefore presents a great way of reducing heat loss through windows which accounts for around 30% of all domestic heat loss.

“PET plastic is a tough, fire resistant and highly recyclable secondary, or indeed third, glazing solution available in the UK and further afield and it offers households the chance to significantly reduce their monthly energy bills.

“A typical UK house could be fully secondary glazed for around £800 whereas double glazing could be up to twelve times as expensive. Ideal for listed and period properties unable to install double glazing, ecoease can also act as a third glazing solution that significantly reduces heat loss thanks to its U Value of 2.7

“In addition it can be fitted in minutes and comes down in seconds when not required and significantly reduces noise pollution for the homeowner,”

Because of its high impact resistance sheets of PET are commonly used within aircraft windows as well as soft drinks bottles. It is also the most recycled plastic on the planet. It is fire resistant to Class 1 and considerably tougher than existing secondary glazing solutions.

Ecoease eco secondary glazing can be ordered online in three simple steps or by phone on 01536 446398 and will be delivered direct to your door with fitting instructions within 10-14 days.

For more details visit An installation video has also been produced that is online on Youtube.