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With the recent 8.2% price hike announced by SSE expected to be the first of many substantial increases from energy suppliers, the importance of UK households becoming more energy efficient becomes even more of a priority.

One sure fire way of reducing energy bills without breaking the bank is the installation of secondary or third glazing which costs around £900 for an average UK dwelling and can cut up to 20% off quarterly fuel bills as well as eliminating condensation and reducing noise pollution.

Ecoease, one of the premier and most cost effective suppliers in the UK, is, once again, experiencing a boom in demand from households across the country looking to improve their energy efficiency at a fraction of the cost of double glazing.

Michael Curle of Northumberland is one of many contented customers and he’s noticed a clear difference since installing secondary glazing on the sash windows within the upstairs of his stone built house.

“I didn’t want to replace my sash windows so opted for secondary glazing. It is noticeably warmer upstairs now and condensation has all but disappeared,” said Michael.

Another enthusiastic proponent of Ecoease secondary glazing is Jenny Green from Essex.

She commented: “My husband and I recently moved to an Edwardian house with draughty single glazed windows that run with condensation every morning. We didn’t want to lose the character of the house by having new double glazing fitted, so thank goodness we stumbled across Ecoease!

“Our new secondary glazing panels not only solved the draught and condensation problems but they have also helped to cut down on outside noise. In fact, we are so pleased with the results we’re gradually adding the panels to every window in the house.

They’re really easy to fit, too (as long as you get the measurements right) and the  customer service is second-to-none. Thank you, Ecoease! We’ll be recommending you to everyone we know!”

Ecoease Director John Feely explained: “Once again it looks as though the big six energy suppliers will be hiking prices significantly over the winter months and UK consumers will, once again, be squeezed in the pocket.

“Many will be forced to turn off or turn down their heating at the coldest time of the year which, in 2013, is a truly shocking state of affairs.

“There are ways of reducing bills whilst maintaining a warm home and few solutions come close to secondary glazing as a cost effective answer to this problem.

“Secondary glazing is rarely mentioned as a way of making homes more energy efficient but the performance of our PET (polyester) glazing panels is as good, in most instances, as double glazing.

“Ecoease secondary glazing can be easily installed in minutes, using magnetic tape around the inside of the window frame, and subsequently taken down in seconds when not required.

Given that the cost is a fraction of that of the cost of double glazing and the performance is as good as standard double glazing, its not a difficult decision to make.

Ecoease secondary glazing is available in either measured to fit (M2F) or DIY options and can be ordered online at in a few simple steps or by phone on 0845 519 3230 and will be delivered direct to your door with simple fitting instructions within five working days.

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