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Would you like a saving on your energy bill? There was a very pleasant surprise for Ian Heath of Egham, Surrey when he opened his most recent gas bill at the start of 2015!

His 2013 gas bill had come to £1,122 whereas the 2014 total amounted to just £809. This was when both were calculated at the 2014 gas tariff which had gone up!

“That’s a saving of £313; I have paid 28% less than last year,” said Ian, who finished fitting Ecoease secondary glazing panels throughout his home last February.

“It’s a clear sign that the panels are doing their job and performing as good as, if not better than, double glazing at a fraction of the cost.”

“The Ecoease measured-to-fit panels can go up in minutes. It’s safe and easy and I can take them down in seconds.”

“Compare that with the disruption caused by installing double glazing. This would have cost me over six times more!” added Ian who has fitted the panels to windows in each of the 14 rooms in his house.

Measured to fit Ecoease secondary glazing panels are manufactured from tough, fire-retardant PET (polyester), the same material used for airline windows and soft drinks bottles. Ecoease is the only UK secondary glazing supplier to use PET.

Windows and glazed doors account for up to 20% of total heat loss for a typical home. Secondary or third glazing provides highly cost effective insulation against chills. It also delivers dramatic reductions in energy consumption. Add into this that you can also reduce noise pollution and all but eliminate condensation.

Ian now plans further savings by buying panels for the French windows that connect his house to an unheated conservatory. Plus panels for a few windows around his unheated porch. Thus completing the house’s secondary glazing.

“Who knows what surprises my 2015 bill might bring but I only see it heading in one direction!” added Ian.

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